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If you are interested in our products, please contact with us by telephone or send our e-mails. (Every web page has our contact information.) We are glad to answer all your questions. Please indicate your e-mail address, your name, telephone number, address and company.

1.  Contract. If you decide to buy our products, we can sign a contact with you by e-mail.

2. Payment. Before you buy the machine, you need pay 30%, then after the production you need pay the rest. You can come to the factory to check your machine and pay for the final payment.

3. Delivery. Our company can deliver the machine to your country by ship. If it is possible, you can tell us other transportations by e-mail.

4. Installation. If you donít know how to install, we will arrange our technicians to install the machine and train the workers.

5. Warranty. We can provide one year warranty. After the warranty, we will continue to serve for the machine.